Premium Workshops for Business Owners...
  • To Re-focus: on what your business owes you
  • To Re-energize: with other owners solving business challenges
  • To Re-commit: to building your Ideal Business with Income, Freedom and Scale

An IDEAL business will provide you with ALL THREE of these

Solid Income

so you're well paid for what you do

Time Freedom

so you're not tied to your business

Enough Scale

so it looks like the right size of business you had in mind

To build an ‘Ideal Business’ means getting to work on 9 Key Projects in your business where money is either made, or lost… 

So! in this Business Owner Boardroom:

  • We’ll unpack the 9 Key Projects… so you know what each of them are
  • You’ll choose the top 3… that will give you the best improvements
  • You’ll walk out with a Workbook… that includes the strategies to work on
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Getting leads for your business from marketing your business is undergoing the biggest revolution since TV advertising went mainstream in the 1960s.   Back then, fortunes were made by those businesses who mastered the medium.  Those who couldn’t afford to advertise were out-spent and over-taken.  Many business lost their opportunity to grow and scale either locally or nationally by missing the window to reach their marketplace. Today’s technology has made marketing affordable to every size of business.  It’s now possible to out-smart rather than out-spend your competitors.  Businesses who will emerge as the winners in your industry are those who can master the new media fastest… we want that to be YOU!

So! in this Business Owner Boardroom:

  • The best way to turn your prospects into hot leads that ask for your immediate help
  • The step-by-step approach for how to create online content your prospects will click on
  • The one-page template you’ll need for your Techie to launch your campaign
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