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Your business with an online Business Feature...

Part of our role is to promote every local business on our Facebook page. We do this with “Business Features”. Business Features are like a Free PR Piece for your business where we do a short interview, write it up and post it (checking with you first so you know what’s being said!)… we’ll also let you know about upcoming Events that we run regularly and provide you with a Guest Pass to attend…

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The Secret Recipe

The Secret Recipe describes the 3 critical parts of your business where money is MADE or LOST…

Margins how to widen the gap between your sales price and your costs so there's more money in the middle for you

Sales and marketing how to make sure your marketing is saying the right type of things… to the right people… so that people are buying from you rather than your competitors.

Productivity how to get clear on what to measure in your business so your business is easier to run and more profitable.

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Each Cheat Sheet spells out on a single page how to Optimise Your Income… You’ll see the Biggest Challenges and Best Opportunities for each business type… Select the closest industry that matches your business type?   

Trade Services
Professional Services

If you hear yourself saying “I need more MONEY out of my business!”, then watch the 10 minute video on MARGINS for a quick-fix… If you’re saying “I need more TIME out of my business!”, then watch the video on PRODUCTIVITY for a quick-fix… If you’re saying “I need more LEADS for my business!”, then watch the quick-fix on MARKETING…


How to build a great Marketing Piece...

The big idea is to avoid writing something that sounds like everyone else in your industry and misses the point of why people should actually buy from you rather than anyone else… 2 key decisions before you start:

1 Choose Your Target  Who are your BEST customers, your ‘A’ Graders, the ones you want more of, who accept your recommendations, don’t haggle you on price, pay on time and refer more great customers to you… Now, target ONLY them… and not anyone else!

2 Choose Your Message It’s likely your ‘A’ Graders will have similar reasons WHY they buy from you rather than anyone else. It’s their #1 ‘hot button’ and the one thing that if you stopped providing it, they’d switch who they buy from… So here’s the key question: “Is the MAIN REASON they buy from you because of your QUALITY, your SERVICE or your PRICE?” ONE of these is your ‘A’ Grader’s hot button… Your job is to ‘BEAT THE MARKET’ in this ONE area… whereas you only need to “MEET THE MARKET” in the other two… Key Point: Don’t try and be ALL things to ALL people, just be the BEST thing that your BEST customers want!

OUTCOME: Now you have ONE message to deliver to ONE target… CLARITY!


Our Business Owner Boardroom sessions bring together 6-8 local Business Owners in a boardroom style setting… essentially you roll up your sleeves and work on growing your businesses.

Our most popular BoardRoom Session is The Four Futures of Business… in this Session you’ll get clarity on how to get your “Ideal” Business… to qualify as “Ideal” we mean your business gives you the Income, Freedom and Scale that you’re looking for from owning your business… you’ll walk out of the session with practical, easy to implement, best-practise strategies in a workbook to take away and use…Our BoardRoom Sessions are for time-challenged, hard-working, practically-minded business owners who give their business 100% and know they want their business to give them an income that matches the time and money that has been invested. Book into a Session and join other business owners who want to Play a Bigger Game…

The Business Optimiser

4 Questions that make finding out a good idea...

 1  How much money should I actually be making out of my business right now? 2 What income is possible from my business or is this as good as it gets? 3 What size does it need to be in order to make the money I want? 4 What else should I be doing in my business to improve it from where it is now?

To help business owners answer these question, we've purpose-built a software app to get answers...

We call it The Business Optimisor.

And here’s the reaction we’ve had from business owners so far…“The number in ‘Productivity’ showed us $29,300 available over 12 months… in 8 months we’ve already found $58,600“It came up with 174k which sounded a bit high… We’ve introduced several strategies that have us on track for $274k in the first year”

Those are the clean ones…. others included “holy <#*?@%&*:> really?”You get the picture…

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Team Workshops

When we chat to business owners about their team, this is what we hear…

1.  The teams a bit up and down, sometimes theyre engaged, sometimes not so much

2. Theres definitely a few issues that would be great to sort out, but everyones always so busy

3. It would be really great to get everyone motivated, on the same page and working together

Many say that they know they’ve got a good team, but would really benefit from getting together to work on the business as a team. Team Talk does this making your business smoother to run and a better place to work…

Here's how it works...

" They ran a 90 minute workshop that got my team engaged. Everyone got a workbook with exercises that had my staff thinking and talking about my business" "The whole workshop was facilitated and all I had to do was show up with my team!"

So why do we do these?

Because we know it's easier to have an outsider do this for you and you never know what opportunities will come out of this discussion.

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1st step is a quick phone call to see if we can help… Contact me to find a time that we can talk!

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With Business Owners to deliver your Ideal Business defined as your Ideal Income (so you're well paid), Ideal Hours (so you don't burn out) and Ideal Scale (so you get to the size you want)...

It’s like going to the gym to work on “$20K Problems” (the idea of working on a "$20K Problem" is there's good money to be made by fixing them!). The value of what you’ll be working on will depend on the scale of your business. You’ll be working towards building your Ideal Business. The Local Business Network meets fortnightly throughout the year with 3 session formats...

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Business Education Sessions with the focus on Best-Practise, Fastest-Fix, Latest-Tactics that transform the 3 parts of your business where money is made or lost: Sales & Marketing, Margins and People (Productivity). There's also 2 Planning Sessions; one at the start and one mid calendar year. Each Session has a workbook with step-by-step instructions that implement directly into your business.

Work peer-to-peer with other business owners (your “Board”) on solving $20K Problems using our famed “Menu of $20K Problems” (yep, there’s a menu for that!). Each of the menu items has the power to substantially shift your business towards your Ideal Business when they’re resolved. You’ll work with your “board members” to fix $20k Problems so you can implement these solutions between BoardRoom meetings.

Practical hands-on Implementation Sessions to make sure your Business Development strategies are BANKABLE. All practical, no theory, no filler, just the raw materials you need to build the systems to get your business making you more Income, more Freedom & more Scale. You’ll get tried and tested Worksheets that make implementing change into your business easy and practical.

Introducing Colin Potts...

Well strap in, here it is in 70sec!

I’m MBA qualified and have been involved in building and growing businesses for 20 years.  My background is in IT, Health and Training and I have worked with small local businesses, international organisations and global market leaders.

A few years back I almost died.  It’s very cliché but it was a “life changing experience”.  From that point I decided to approach life differently.  Take control, focus on what’s important, maximize my “86,400”, eliminate negativity, all the usual cliché stuff I guess.  I spent the rest of that year recovering and creating my own formula for success in my personal and business life.

As soon as I was well again I implemented it and transformed my existing business unit into the best performing in the company.  My colleagues began asking for advice, my staff for more guidance and I quickly realized I was enjoying providing that help more and more.

So much that I left the company the next year and took up a consulting role, solutions focussed and more aligned with providing the business advice I enjoyed giving.  I honed my advisory skills, grew that business by 85% in the first year and set a global company record the next.  Boom! Proof of concept!  My simple focus on that 50+ owner, $2m journey was to improve processes, free up time, increase customer engagement and ultimately the bottom line.

I then started my own boutique business advisory where I combined those decades of experience with industry leading tools and cutting edge practices to help business owners build their Ideal Business.  Since that time we have helped 100’s of local businesses directly and continue to support our 1000’s of local connections weekly.

Look, business ownership remains the No 1 wealth generator but 2/3 of business fail.  Something needs to be done! My vision is to reverse that decades old metric, one $20,000 problem at a time!

My passions outside of business are my beautiful wife and 3 great kids who inspire me daily.